Cancun and Akumal

Hola! The backpacks are out and we are back doing what we love to do. After a few months back in England getting used to the wind, rain and near freezing temperatures we have arrived in sunny Mexico. After a long, uncomfortable flight on a Eurowings plane (we hadn’t heard of them either, and for […]

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Cairns looks beautiful as you drive into the city. Smaller than I had expected, it is nestled between some impressive jungle-covered mountains and a calm turquoise ocean. Anna had also been here many years ago and it became clear why she wanted us to spend our last week in and around this region. As with […]

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Airlie Beach to Cairns

Leaving Cape Hillsborough, our next stop up the coast was Airlie Beach, gateway to the Whitsunday Islands. It’s a lively little town and one of the more touristy places we have stopped off at, which surprisingly, I was glad of. Not usually my thing, I enjoyed walking around the main street and relaxing next to […]

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Byron Bay to Bundaberg

Saying farewell to Brisbane, we collected our Mitsubishi Express campervan and set off south. We got five minutes down the road when I noticed the radio didn’t work, the first of many ‘quirks’ on this  van. Reluctant to spend a month driving around Australia without music, we turned around and got it fixed. A list […]

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Brisbane (Still)

This may be one of my shorter posts and not because we haven’t loved our time in Brisbane, quite the contrary, in-fact we have fallen in love with the ‘river city’ and it’s typically Australian, relaxed way of life. It will be shorter, partly because I’ve left writing it until the last minute before setting […]

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Brisbane and Byron Bay

We stepped out of the air conditioned Brisbane airport and into the humidity of Queensland and were told to look out for a white Mazda driven by Tim, another of Anna’s brothers. I have never seen so many white Mazdas in one place at the same time but after a couple of awkward approaches we […]

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