Camp Kush at Unawatuna

We didn’t travel far from Mirissa, only a thirty minute local bus to Unawatuna, a slightly (and only slightly) larger town further along the coast as we edge closer towards the airport. I had found a hostel online which looked interesting called Camp Kush which is based just inside the jungle on the outskirts of […]

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Aragum Bay, Udawalawe and Mirissa

We ignored our (admittedly casual) budget and got a private taxi to Aragum Bay, as the Sri Lankan buses are extremely uncomfortable. It was, until the point where we had to pay the fare, a much nicer way to travel. The expensive journey was quickly forgotten when we pulled up to our beach cabanas just […]

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Kandy and Ella

We arrived in Kandy and went straight to our hostel, called Hipsters Hideout which is an awful name but luckily the hostel wasn’t so bad! After checking in we were met by this behemoth of an animal who amazingly is still a puppy! Kandy is a very picturesque and quiet city set in a plateau […]

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Negombo, Dambulla and Sigiriya

Having waved goodbye to India, we arrived at Colombo airport after a four hour flight from Delhi. Sri Lankan customs are incredibly lax and let us through without checking Anna’s passport photo or my VISA, happily stamping our documents and sending us on our way. Sri Lanka was already, as we had assumed, more chilled […]

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The Golden Triangle

After a long, cold 14 hour bus ride with one toilet break and constant air con we got to Jaipur (the pink city).  When I say one toilet break, I had to quickly jump off at a stop and nearly got left behind which nearly gave Anna a heart attack as she realised the bus […]

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Jodhpur & Jaisalmer

We were sad to leave Udaipur, both agreeing it is our favourite city visited on the trip. We went for breakfast and our third visit to Millets of Marwal, our favourite restaurant in India (so far) and upon returning to the hostel, the driver was amazingly on time to pick up our group consisting of […]

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Ahmedabad & Udaipur

Finally it was time to leave the peacefulness (and beer) behind in Goa and after configuring buying a ticket from the station, we boarded a 19 hour sleeper train to Ahmedabad, the only real entertainment being hanging off the side! We weren’t sure if there would be much here but there was no direct train […]

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The 14 hour, cramped sleeper train was over and we were let off in Goa just before sunrise at a little station underneath a small mountain, in the middle of a jungle where the sound of cicadas and crickets was nearly louder than the train itself. After having been on the move every one or […]

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I love the cities here but they are crazy, busy and overwhelming. The last couple of days have been such a welcome change in the “garden state”. I wish we had more time here and will return, it is a side to India you don’t often see, one without obvious poverty, dirt and continuous car […]

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