Tamil Nadu

Having left Chennai, we arrived in a little seaside town called Mahabalipuram (I think), known for its ancient temples, beach (which despite a two hour bus is the same beach we stood on in Chennai) and local cuisine. This wasn’t initially on the itinierary but came highly reccomended by locals and it is easy to […]

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After an early panic in Manchester not having the right VISA to get to India and a long day of two flights and dodgy ATMs, we somehow made it to the Hotel Mars Deluxe at 5.30am local time.  Two hours later there is a man at our door “breakfast, breakfast” with two dosas. After gladly […]

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Ten days worth of clothes, one iPod, a tablet, 160 malaria pills and enough hand sanitiser to, well, sanitise the sh*t out of me have now been transferred into an 11kg pack which will be ‘home’ for the next ten months. Feels very unnatural, quite weird, pretty scary but mostly just exciting! Now I guess […]

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